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Drop us a line before cutting down a tree,

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Private Hydro-Line Clearing Now Available!

Canopy Thinning & Skirt Elevation 

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Tree Health Evaluations 

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Arborist Support Service

The following services are available to self-employed Certified Arborists. If you have your certifications and are properly insured get in touch!

 If you are interested in becoming an independent contractor we would love to hear from you. Arbor Aid Ltd can help generate leads that cater to your specific skill sets.

This Tree Care Company offers It all! 


Qualified for the job and fully Insured.  

Arbor Aid Ltd applies the expertise of  

Certified Arborists boasting no less than 18 years of experience in the industry. Enjoy the opportunity to make an informed decision alongside trained professionals who can offer you a superior tree care service. 


All private line clearing services will be carried out by Certified Utility Arborists (Aka) Electrical Forester's. 

These individuals have undergone intensive  training that includes over 2000 hrs in proximity to Hydro lines. 

Specialized equipment is used in tandem with (AR) Arc Rated and (FR) Flame Resistant (PPE) Personal Protective equipment to ensure safety and success on site.    

An Aylah Project For The Eco Warriors

This initiative is for property owners who have a damaged tree that can not be saved by Cabling and Bracing techniques. When a removal service has to be pursued we offer an option to help balance the loss of your tree.

To learn more about planting a seedling or a young tree please contact us to find out if the AYLAH Project is right for you. 


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Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory Services  Please call 289-500-4078  or Email:


Arbor Aid Ltd

N4S 5C3, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

Oxford-Elgin-Simcoe-Dufferin-Peel- Brant-Hastings and York Region please call Phone number: (647) 785-4711


Ornamental tree & shrub maintenance, hedging or planting.

Available Monday through Friday  9am - 8pm

Large tree pruning, maintenance and removals. 

Available Saturday and Sunday by appointment.